A time for heroes

OCT 29, 2015
Allan Murray
Chairman of Hong Kong Equity Broking at JP Morgan
Icon: American pro golfer Ben Hogan
“Hogan was arguably the best striker of a ball ever, but in 1949 he suffered an horrific car crash, and doctors said he would never walk again. His courage in flinging his body in front of his wife, Valerie, who was beside him, fortunately saved his life, because the steering column went through his own seat. After a long convalescence, Hogan recovered from his near-death injuries, and in 1953 alone, won the Masters, the US Open and the Open. He was truly inspirational, and is an enduring legend in ‘the greatest game ever played’!”

Kim Robinson
A-list hairstylist & founder of kimrobinson
Icon: legendary French hairstylist Alexandre de Paris
“My guru and my mentor, Alexandre de Paris taught me to analyse a woman’s face and bring out her beauty through her hair. He taught me that hair is the frame for a woman’s face, and you can make any woman look stunningly beautiful through the clever use of proportion. This knowledge has been instrumental in my success, and differentiates me from the rest.”

Jamie Lee
Co-founder of CrossFit852

Icon: my father, John Lee, managing director of Dah Hwa International Holdings

“My dad is the driving force behind me. He doesn’t directly support me; instead, he challenges me about my ideas. He encourages me to learn as much as I can, and then to apply what I have learned through action. At home, he listens to everybody and then decides on the best solution for all. As I’ve gotten older, my dad has increasingly become the person I turn to when I need advice.”

David Yeo

Founder of Aqua Restaurant Group

Icon: Sally Andersen, founder of Hong Kong Dog Rescue

“Sally Andersen champions a very difficult cause: rescuing, rehabilitating and finding homes for abandoned and unwanted dogs in Hong Kong, and saving them from being destroyed. The work she does is round the clock, not nine-to-five or five days a week. I’ve visited Sally’s home when she’s looking after 70 or so dogs at once! That’s a lot of mouths to feed! I’m in awe of and deeply touched by that level of commitment.”

Photography by Olivier Yoan
Styling by Cheryl Leung